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Tapas (IPA: ['tap-as]):

Evolved  over Spain's history through the incorporation of ingredients and influences from many different cultures and countries. the name of a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine.  They may be cold or warm.


The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation because people

are not so focused upon eating an entire meal.

Ours chef's travel the world (Italy, France, Asia, Spain, and more...)
looking for new ideas to create evolving menus each season that
are fun and tantalizing.

Just a few of  Bar Manager Rick Scully's drink creations that have quickly local hit's (and a delicious ones at that!).

( Just a sample of some of our Tapas and Specialty drinks, for the full menus please click on the links below.... )

Specialty Drinks


Peach “Old Fashioned” 

Buffalo Trace bourbon, peach nectar, fresh tarragon, bitters and macerated peaches

Old World, Delicious & Refreshing…”




Black ~in~ Thyme 

Block Island Blackberry Soda, house-made thyme infused vodka and fresh lime

for a truly refreshing cocktail




Blueberry Mojito

Clément Premiére Canne rum, ClémentSirop de Cane, blueberries, fresh Block Island mint,

and a splash of lime juice …





Block Island Sprague Farm “Roasted”

Beef Meatballs

( with a charred tomato and olive sauce and freshly grated parmesan )    



Blistered Edamame Beans 

( with a sweet soy glaze, scallions and toasted sesame seeds )    



Spice Crusted Asparagus Salad 

( with toasted hazelnuts, arugula and tarragon aioli )    

Enjoy beautiful Block Island sunsets, tapas and a cocktail...

"Heaven on Block Island"    -    Atlantic Inn